Kapparis Beach

Kapparis Beach is a tiny, golden-sandy strip with crystalline turquoise waters. The bay is preferred by both locals and tourists alike looking to relax, work on their tan and enjoy the blue-green waters of the bay. The stunning cove is surrounded by steep rocks and cliffs adding to its scenic beauty.

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The Blue Flagged beach provides sun loungers ideal for unwinding under the Mediterranean Sea. The golden sun-kissed bay is also known as the MAAD beach as the police and firemen’s headquarters is located close to the bay and is often used for training.

Agia Triada Beach

Ayia Triada Beach was named after the small chapel found on the hilltop above the harbour. The beach is known for its coarse golden sands and turquoise waters attracting locals and tourists alike. The bay is also home to a small picturesque harbour where fishermen and sailing enthusiasts dot the port with their boats and yachts, adding to the bay’s breathtaking scenery.

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Besides the wonderful crystalline waters and golden stretch, visitors spend their time playing beach soccer as behind the bay there is a beach soccer area. The blue-flagged bay is an ideal haven for all beach lovers.

Protaras Ocean Aquarium

Welcome to Protaras Ocean Aquarium and discover the amazing world of the deep water world! Home to more than 1000 animal species including cute penguins and turtles as well as scary crocodiles, the aquarium provides an amazing fun-packed and educational experience.

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Set on a thrilling voyage through the lakes, rivers and oceans of the world and discover all its treasures while meeting 400 sea creatures including turtles and eels! The aquarium’s Penguin House is a hit with children, which fall madly in love with the cute Humboldt Penguins! Those more adventurous will surely be amazed with the crocodiles found tanning in the outdoor swamps. Another highlight is the Exotic Birds section, where visitors view marvellous looking birds taken from all corners of the world!

Have fun!

Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay is Protaras jet set beach as it pulls in the crowds like magnets! The golden bay was named after the fig trees that covered the area before development took over.

Fig Tree Bay is defined by golden sands which lap perfectly with the shallow, blue-green crystalline waters of the sea. The bay’s shallow waters are ideal for children while sport lovers and adrenaline junkies enjoy thrilling water sports.

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Tucked away on the north end of the beach is a small islet, perfect for those seeking to discover the underworld by snorkelling!

Besides the golden bay and emerald waters, Fig Tree Bay attracts the crowds all-year-round thanks to its stunning landscape and breath-taking scenery.

Konnos Bay Beach

The sun-kissed bay is enclosed by towering green-covered hills. Defined by golden-brown sands and turquoise waters, Konnos Beach attracts the crowds not only for its clean crystalline water but its natural beauty.

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Those tired of lazing in the sun have ample to do while at Konnos Beach such as water sports, snorkelling or enjoy a snack and drink at Konnos canteen, set on the hilltop above the bay, while overlooking the breathtaking views of the sea as far as the eyes can see.

Cape Greco National Forest Park

The 385-hectare cape, Cape Greco, has long been declared a National Forest Park thanks to its unspoilt natural beauty.

Nature lovers have loads to do when visiting the breath-taking area. for starters, hiking enthusiasts may set off of hikes through the pine-covered forest while admiring the emerald sea from cliff tops.

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The park has many benches where you can stop along the way and simply gaze at the stunning views beneath.

The park also has cycling paths where visitors may cycle while exploring the area. Thanks to the island’s all-year-round sunny weather, visitors may enjoy cycling all through the year. Others choose to rent a boat and sail along the shoreline of the cape exploring its natural caves. Cape Greco is also a popular diving site, attracting divers from all corners of the world, seeking to uncover the deep underwater world.

Sea Caves

The shoreline from Cape Greco National Park to Ayia Napa is dotted with many natural sea caves made for exploration and snorkelling. The caves are also a popular spot for fishing.

The most famed of the sea caves are the Smugglers and Palace caves which run deep into the cliffs. The sea caves are only accessible by the sea.

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When the tides are low and the waters are calm you can walk and swim into most of the sea caves to explore them. The rocky sea caves are renowned for their crystalline waters. Boat trips are arranged daily for all those interested in exploring the caves. Adrenaline junkies may always try cliff diving or cliff jumping as the sea caves are a favourite spot for this type of extreme sport.

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